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7th Bovec Outdoor Film Festival – BOFF

Another year is coming to an end, and we would like to take the opportunity to invite you to the 7th BOOF Festival. Despite the tragic event associated with the Kanin ski slope, this year’s sport, adventure and ecology film festival took a different direction, presenting the audience with a very special programme. Of course, this is a great loss, but better this way than having someone else hurt. In order to improve the current situation in Bovec, many things need to be changed. The BOFF Festival – organized by the Drča Society – is a step along the path toward fulfilling this mission.

HIGHER, HARDER, DEEPER is the motto of this year’s festival that will take place in the Stergulc house. Among 57 submitted films, 28 will be screened, featuring various topics and stories.

Among the films to compete will be: 4 films from the Nature and Ecology category, 7 films from Sport and Action category – short films, and 16 films from Sport and Action category – long films.

Jan Maček – festival director – commented: “I believe that the selected films can compete with the best and most notorious analogous festivals worldwide. After having attentively watched the films during summer, the jury made its decision, and we can now proudly present the film selection to the Bovec audience. This year’s programme will also be accompanied with music and art performances.”

The winners of the 7th BOFF Festival will be chosen by a jury of film experts and, as usually, by the visitors that will vote for the best film chosen by the audience. More information about the film selection jury.

“Unlike previous years, this year’s programme features more films about climbing and alpinism. The reason is that these topics far outnumbered the other topics in the submitted films. Therefore, the decision was clear. Moreover, I must admit that the films are top-notch and rank among the best films in this year’s world production. Last Great Climb, Spice Girl, High Tension, The Waiting game, Sensei, Na pogled, Rockin Cuba are award-winning films of the major festivals of adventure and mountaineering films worldwide. They convinced us, and we hope they will convince the audience, too. The programme also features some films about skiing, although these are less numerous than in previous years. The captivating and nostalgic Valhalle is undoubtedly a must-see. Cyclists certainly won’t be disappointed this year with the film Not Bad that justifies the reputation of the Anthill Films production from Canada. To amuse the audience and bring a touch of exoticism, we added two films about canyoning, each telling its own story about this interesting sport. The film Down the line will guide the visitors thought the hidden canyons of Canada, where the unexplored spots of the Squamish canyons are yet to be discovered, while The Beginning is all about ACTION and EXTREME in the very sense of the word. Andrej Bijuklič, also ambassador of the BOFF Festival, will present a short film about a kayak trip with friends to the rivers of Chile and Argentina. The Slovenian premiere in water sports category will be the long awaited first European surf documentary Old & Young & Sea. The film will present the audience with the beauties of surfing – a story about interesting people from the sporting and ecological perspective, with great emphasis on the way of life of the protagonists of this Australian feature film. Ecology has a strong note in the film Stand that besides being a film about surfers, it is also a critic of oil spills on the Canadian and Alaska coastlines. The consequences of our actions are reflected in the way of life described in A Sustainable Life in The Amazon Forest – something the natives are well aware of. Even Great Canyon is not without blemish, as we can see in the short film I am Red. The second day of the Festival will be dedicated to the young audience. The films Gremo na Kum (Let’s Go on Kum), Temporada and Creamen are meant both to the young and older audience, for they educate, address and prompt reflection ….”, Tanja Tomaselli commented on the film selection.

For more about the films click here.

The film programme will be accompanied by a book fair, a photo exhibition, a winter workshop, lectures, and performances by jugglers, musicians and DJ-s. Books of the following publishers will be available at really good prices: Didakta, Planinska Zveza Slovenije and Sidarta. The festival will open with the Čupakabra juggling group which boasts many years of experience and more than 100 performances a year, not to mention the excellent choreography, which adds to their fame and success. After the show, Rožle Bregar, a young excellent photographer who has done a lot of directing lately, will show us some of the images from his travels. On the closing day of the Festival, world renowned BASE jumpers and skydivers Stane Kranjc and Edo Senica will deliver a lecture accompanied by a film on the topic of parachutes, B.A.S.E. jumping and the like. Headlining the grand finale will be the BAKALINA duo and Acordion group. The Festival will close with DJs FEENTZ (driskoteka), IVANHOE (driskoteka) and ALPHA MALE (Hude Shoezz) performing at Pink Panter bar.

For more information about the events click here.

Also among our guests will be Slovenian and foreign authors available for discussion during film screening. Film screenings, the book stand, exhibition and lecture will take place in the Stergulc house. The winning films will be screened again at various location throughout Slovenia (Tolmin, Solkan, Mežica …). We recommend that you make ticket reservation due to the limited number of seats.

You are welcome to join us in Bovec and have fun!

For BOFF,  Jan Maček /Ceo and location manager                            

 Bovec outdoor film festival                        

________________________________________________________also about festival:

Vision, etc.

We present you the festival of film, sport, ecology and nature. We named it BOFF – Bovec Outdoor Film Festival, by the town where the Festival will take place. The Festival includes different events, besides the films there are also different lectures, seminars, exhibitions, competitions and workshops.

Main goal and purpose of BOFF is presenting the sport, as well as making promotion for healthy life, social gathering and giving inspiration for creativity. Most of all those who visit Bovec are also athletes and ambassadors of those sports, so the program BOFF offers should give a new aspect of sport, as well.

BOFF is international movie festival located in attractive Bovec, which is settled in north/west corner of Slovenia. Different outdoor movies, as well as short sport and documentary movies are performed, also we will display movies from nature environment and ecology. Our main goal is to offer quality repertoire of movies and side events for visitors. Our audience is mostly population with experiences from wide aspect of sports, also topics of movies screened on BOFF. More about themes and values of movies are expressed in categories and archive. Besides that the promotion of destination of excellence Bovec – The valleys of inspiration is also one of the purposes of this event. The organizer’s goal is to turn BOFF into recognizable brand and festival with tradition. To be bigger and more attractive for mainstream public is necessary to add some side events, like exhibitions, fairs, lectures, sport competitions, etc.