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Side events 2014 / 2015

Foto exebition:

ALEŠ FON »Power of the night« / Opening  27.12. at 17 :00

Aleš Fon was born in 1967 in Nova Gorica. As early as in his youth, wich he has spent in the Soča valley, he become closely attached to nature, where he is still looking for inspiration for his photographic creations. After graduating from secondary school of timber economy, his restles spirit led him to his first travels across Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. Through the process of maturing he realised that observations alone do not suffice his needs for figurative expressions, wich is the reason why he embarkin on buyin in 1992 his first camera.

He aproaches his motifs in the Soča landscape with patience, devotion and extremism. This skilful kayaker and a man who know how to find his bearings in dangerous situations is simply aloved by nature to approach its hidden charms.

Aleš had his works exhibited for the first time in 1996 at the Kluže fortess and Mangrt guest house in Log pod Mangrtom, then in 1997 within the frame work of the “artillery” Kluže project and at Alp hotel in Bovec. 1998 he expose his work in Devetak pub Tolmin, 1999 Bovec and 2000 in Ljubljana castle. 2001 he was back in Kluže with his last exhibition.

The artist also present himself with an exceptional collectionof slides, wich he arranged through years, in diferent tematic multivisions. With his program he travel all over Slovenija, as well as across the borders (Rosenhaim Germany Gorizzia, Milano Italy)

Periodicaly Fon püblishes his photographs and articles in various slovene reviews such as Grif, Svet in ljudje, Gea, Primorska srečanja, Moj pes and Moj otrok and in some books.

At the exhibition “sport and turism” at the Ljubljana Fotostik fair he received, for his photography of the mysterious Soča canyon first prize in the individual photograph category.

Edvard Hosner

Guest speaker:

TOMAŽ PRAUNSEIS / SK8 with hearth / 28.12.  at 17:00


Link to  home page  of  “SK8 with your hearth” project

Guest speaker:

JURE BATAGELJ / Slavko’s footprints / 28. 12. at 18:00



Guest speaker:

KLEMEN PREMRL  / Ice climbing  / 29.12  at 21:00

Klemen first tied to a climbing rope at the age of twelve. Two years later he was already the youngest climber in Slovenia manage to climb 7c. By the age of fifteen he climbed several routes in Julian Alps and Italian Dolomites, both in winter and summer conditions. Soon, Klemen found ice climbing as the most joyful art of climbing, and from that moment on he is crazy about it…

At the start, he climbed some of the hardest ice falls in Slovenia, later on, he climbed many hard ice lines in Italy, Austria, France. In 1997 he went to Canada, searching for some hard ice. On that climbing trip, he climbed Riptide WI 7, which was the hardest ice climb done by Slovenian climbers.

After some intense seasons of modern mix climbing and competition climbing, Klemen focused on longer ice, mixed and alpine routes. Now, adventure is objective… Part of that adventure is not to follow trends, but to be a trendsetter. Last few seasons, Klemen travelled to Canada and Norway many times. Climbing hard lines and putting up new routes beyond arctic circle, Lofoten islands and famous Canadian rockies. On his latest adventure in Canada, BC, Klemen made an outstanding performance in Helmcken falls. He did a first free ascent of a new project, Wolverine, WI 11, which isthe hardest ice climb ever done. Then he carried out a first flash ascent of famous Spray on, WI 10, in which he connected second, third and fourth pitch in a massive endurance fest. After that, Tim Emmett and Klemen Premrl climbed to the top of the Helmcken falls for the first time, by a new route Spray on…Top, WI 10, M9+ 240 m, which is the most epic and probably the hardest ice / mixed route in the world. Those climbing achievement made PlanetMountain stated: “ Highly talented Klemen Premrl, currently the only person to have climbed both WI 11 and WI 7+ ice! ”

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BOOKS stand / 27. – 29.12. between 17-22:00


DJ Nino & DJ Dante / 27. 12. at23 :00

Neoromantix: Surfing on the new wave / Live performance/  29. 12. at 23:00

Neoromantix about himself:  »In show business you have to keep the element of surprise!


Mežica, Kulturni dom 20. februar 2015 filmi, zimska tura
Ljubljana, Plezalni center Ljubljana 12. in 13. marec 2015 filmi, predavanje
Solkan, Kajak center __. junij 2015 tekme, filmi, DJ
Tolmin, Soča Outdoor Festival 03. julij 2015 tekme, koncerti, filmi
Bovec __. avgust 2015 filmi, predavanje, razno