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The movies will be chosen in five (5) categories:

  • Sport and action – long (competition),
  • Sport and action – short (competition),
  • Nature and ecology (competition),
  • Era (non competition),
  • Commercial and advertising movies (non competition)

Sport and action – long (competition)

Sport as recreation, way of living or achieving personal goals, are just a few variations of these films. Presentation of disciplines, locations, ideology or the meaning of keeping in touch with sport is the main idea which authors usually use to create a film story. Regarding to the topic of the Festival – “outdoor”, we limited the disciplines that will be screened on the BOFF – mountaineering, free-climbing, ice climbing, kayaking, mountain-biking, paragliding, hanggliding, b.a.s.e. jumping, caving, canyoning, skiing, snow-boarding, trekking, skateboarding, wave-surfing, wind-surfing, diving, slacklining etc. Stories mostly present an individual, his/her personality in a particular moment or a period in time and the confrontation with a technical or natural problem from the site. The production of such a project demands from the authors a lot of technical skills and sense for the aesthetic, which will reflect in the quality of the film.

Sport and action – short films up to 15 min (competition)

We made that division because of better categorization and opportunities for authors. Less is more – is trend for those movies.

Nature and ecology (competition)

The present time often becomes too fast for a modern man to spend a day on a trip to the forest or hiking in the mountains, to enjoy in a moment of the beauty the nature offers. But
thanks to the eagerness and passion of the authors who are dedicated to filming such scenes, also the city residents are able to see such beautiful places or facts on the television or at
festivals like BOFF. The mission of these movies is creating a chance for everybody to discover excellent views, the changing of the seasons and other natural processes which can be otherwise
hidden to the eyes of everyone.
Today the people are doing harm to the nature more and more, but luckily there are also more and more individuals who are more and more concerned about protecting our environment.
Through making the eco-documentaries and portraying the facts they try to impress the audience and to tell a message this way. The authors will present the beauties of our planet in different ways, but above all they will try to expose the present problems which are the consequences of our ways of living.

Era (non competition)

In this category are presented the films that are of older production than those that the Call for entries 2011 demands for the competition part of the Festival. There will be shown films from previous editions of the BOFF festival and films from the archives which are important for the topic the Festival deals with.

Commercial and advertising movies (non competition)

In this special, uncompetitive, part of the BOFF we will show films or video clips, which are products of the marketing sector. Such kind of presentation is at most known for companies, agencies, associations or individuals in sports industry. These films will be chosen by the partners of BOFF and the Festival’s organizers.