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Filmi 2013 ~ 27.11.2013

Peščenjak (Sandstone)

Sandstone / SL / Petr Kašpar / 30′ / 2012 / Češka republika

29. 12. 2013, Štergulčeva hiša, 22:00

V severovzhodnem delu češke zgodovinske pokrajine Bohemia najdemo izjemno zanimivo plezalno območje; Adršpach, Teplické skály in Ostaš. Predstavijo nam ga tamkajšnji plezalci Jitka in Luboš Mázl, Dušan Stoupa Janák in bratje Stráník, svoj pogled na plezanje v tem delu Češke pa strneta tudi tamkajšnji legendi Bohumil Sýkora in Tomáš Čada, ki sta v peščenjaku pustila izjemno sled in pisala njegovo plezalsko zgodovino.


Petr Kašpar is the author of films focused on outdoor and sports topics. He has been active in this area since the year 2000. Since 2003, he has organized or taken part in paddler expeditions to Asia and Africa. Expedition Alaknanda 2006 was the largest project organized by him so far. He devoted three years to preparations of the project, in the meantime he built the WW8 expedition group mark and became an independent filmmaker. He travelled across Jamaica, Africa and Europe. [In 2007, he went to the little known river of Dintchiya in Ethiopia. The expedition has turned into a  battle for survival. After many days in the jungle, the totally exhausted paddlers reached the small village of Shama. In this place, another story unfolds, which Petr Kašpar captured in his film. It is the story of a young teacher Freo, who, thanks to Petr Kašpar and the whole team of the expedition members, has eventually moved to the Czech Republic to take up his university studies. A year later, Petr completed his movie The Clay River about the ethiopian expedition. To make his other movie he travels to the Caucasus together with the blind climber Jan Říha who, with the help of mountain guide Janek Bednařík, ascended Elbrus, the highest peak of Russia (Europe). The year 2009 brings about two film projects. The first one, sad Tears of Congo, depicts the brutal consequences of war in the eastern part of Congo. In the fall of 2009, he completes “No.9 Manaslu 8163”, a film about Radek Jaroš and his ascent of the eighth highest peak of the world. At the end of 2010, Petr Kašpar becomes a member of Steve Lichtag‘s TWIN STAR FIlM production company. Together with Steve they travel to India to gather material for their film project “TIBET – Different World, Different People”. They are filming with His Holiness the Dalai-lama, travel across Ladakh, to the foothills of Kanchenjunga. Since september 2011, Petr worked with the photographer Petr Piechowicz on the film SANDSTONE. At the same time, he leads a team of design engineers developing 3D film technology for the purposes of ALDABRA – The lost World, the biggest 3D film project so far.


IMFF Teplice nad Metují (Best documentary, audience award),

Vertical Moscow (Best documentary)