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Filmi 2013 ~ 27.11.2013

Searching for the Shadow (Hľadači tieňa)

Searching for the Shadow/ SL / Pavol Barabáš / 31′ / 2013 / Slovaška

30. 12. 2013, Štergulčeva hiša, 17:00

To understand the secrets of the Earth, we must look into the inside. We must decline into the depths following a caver who extends the boundaries of our knowledge. Searching for the Shadow is the story of intuition…, intuition which discovers endless underground labyrinth of the Tatra peaks which goes beyond our comprehension. Each corridor discovered, however, requires a five-day stay in the bowels of the peak. Thanks to the unique authentic images, that were created directly in the process of discovering new gigantic spaces, we enter the soul of the caver to understand the meaning of searching for the unknown.

Pavol Barabáš (1959) is the author of a large-scale of mountain-oriented and adventure films about peoples’ survival in extreme conditions. His films were shot in inaccessible wilderness, on wild rivers and glacial peaks, as well as in deep caves far away from civilization. He likes to look for stories the heroes of which go beyond their limits. He is fascinated by encounters with different cultures and he is mostly attracted by the territories of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as the lands of natural people hidden deep in the jungle. His films present the manner in which man should treat the Earth. They emit love and respect for nature, enormous mental power and moral conscience.

PRODUCTION: http://www.k2studio.sk/

BOFF2013_searching for the shadow