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Filmi 2013 ~ 27.11.2013

Snow Kiting

Snow Kiting – Fulfilling my Dream / SS / Stijn te Hennepe, Daniel Kuipers / 4′ / 2012 / Nizozemska, Švedska


30. 12. 2013, Štergulčeva hiša, 18:00

Strastni kite-surfer Martijn van Hoek potuje od peščenih sipin nizozemske obale do ledenih, samotnih gora Åreja na Švedskem, da izpolni svoj cilj o kajtanju na snegu. Njegove sanje postanejo pravi izziv sredi snežnega viharja.

About authors: Stijn te Hennepe (1980) studied Photography and Art & Technology. He has a long history of travel photography and freelance cinematographer. After more then 5 years of freelance camera and photography work he started his own company Pangea Media in 2008. He created several documentaries about controversial cultural subjects and the beauty of natural phenomena. In 2012 he received an award for his entire work and co-founded Tundra Tree together with Daniel Kuipers. Daniel Kuipers (1978) studied the art of storytelling and its psychological aspects. For more than six years he applied this knowledge as a freelance cinematographer, director and scriptwriter. After which he co-founded Tundra Tree. He travelled the world while creating several documentaries and travel films and takes his inspiration from the insights he finds in other cultures and adventures along the way. In 2010 Daniel created a short film “The Last Sun” in Scandinavia. This film has received great appreciation by the audience and has been nominated on several international film festivals.

PRODUKCIJA: http://www.tundratree.com/

Snow Kiting – Fulfilling my Dream_BOFF 2013